Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hate Bombs - She's The Girl Single

The Hate Bombs 2 track single includes
"She's The Girl" and "Know About You".
Really good garage punk single from 1994.
Stay tuned for more hard to find garage punk
singles and whatnot, hipsters. I like the sound
of vinyl so,more random vinyl from the vaults.

The Hate Bombs single

Shut Up & Drive! 4 Track EP The Hate Bombs!

I've always liked old cars,and garage bands from Florida.
The band The Hate Bombs put this out on their label,
Speed-o-Meter Records, and it's 4 bands 4 songs.
The Hate Bombs are a recent garage punk band. I
met them in line at GarageShock,and they were very
cool people. They're still putting out some fine records,
so look for them,support them! Here's a link to
their my space page,and listen to their other tunes!
I like 'em!

Shut Up & Drive!

Johnny Hash - Blues Is Depressing Single

Johnny Hash-another two songs: "Pink Lunchbox"
and their hit song "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah".
There's something really dirty here about Pink Lunchbox
that most guys will like...and more of that twisted blues
punk rock we all like. This was released on In The Red
Records,and recorded at Easley Recording,and that
should just tell you about all you need to know.

Blues Is Depressing Single

Johnny Hash - Summer Of Cum (For Robert Wyatt) 7 Inch Single

Johnny Hash? What the heck is this? This is when
I bought everything on In The Red Records,because
I thought everything they did was near greatness.
They still are. This is a noisey ass punk blues garage
band,and I know nothing else about them. Brash
young boys, no doubt. 2 songs here:
"Summer Of Cum"(For Robert Wyatt) and "Rat Petal"
They probably broke up and formed another noisey
blues punky band,and I already have all of their
stuff,and don't even know it. It's that we're on this
weird level and when you like this music, you tend
to buy the same stuff. The same weird psycho rock
blues garage. This is for my friend,Dr Fuck Wit, that
weirdo on word press blog. I hope you like it.
Visit his blog here:

Johnny Hash single

F-Word - Shut Down Single (1978 Posh Boy)

1978 Posh Records released this fine slab o punk
rock by F-Word. Two songs "Shut Down" and
"Out There"/Government Official" The b side
songs just quickly run into one another on the
vinyl so I kept them that way. Vinyl to digital
sounds awful cool ! You will be seeing a lot more
rare garage rock,punk singles and other rarities
on this site. I have hundreds of 7 inch singles
80's-90's to now garage rock,and punk to post.
Remember when singles were $3.49 each and
cheaper? Boy have times changed.
Stay tuned hipsters!
F-Word Shut Down Single